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I wrote this program to allow me to easily rename my digital camera pictures after I downloaded them to my hard disk, though it can in fact be used to rename any files.

To use the program at its simplest just select the files you want to rename, enter the new name you want to use and press the Rename button. All the selected files will be renamed using the entered text followed by a sequential number which can be padded with zeroes so the sort order isn't messed up in Windows Explorer. The file extension is not changed of course.

If you drag and drop a folder or a set of files from Windows Explorer onto the shortcut to the Renamer, the files will be highlighted ready for renaming and clicking the Rename button will close the application when completed.

By default all files in your selected folder are displayed in the selection list.To filter them just enter a file mask using standard Windows wild cards (e.g. *.jpg).


There are various options you can use to vary the end result:

New name

Just type in the name you want to use for the flies. The previous ten file names you've used are remembered by the program so you can drop down the list and select one you've used before. Using this in combination with the Duplicate Name Behaviour options enables you to quickly rename a mixed set of pictures.

Next, Increment and Leading Zeros

These options determine the number that will be appended to the file name. The first file in the list will be renamed with the number specified by Next and subsequent files will use sequential numbers increasing by the amount specified by Increment. Leading Zeros determines how many zeros should be used to pad the appended number assuming it is a single digit. Subsequent numbers are adjusted depending on how many digits they contain: i.e. with a Leading Zeros setting of 3 the number will always contain at least four digits (0001, 0012, 0183 etc.).

So, if you have three files to rename using the name Family and Next = 5, Increment = 5 and Leading Zeros = 2, the resultant set of files will be Family.005, Family.010 and Family.015.

Duplicate Name Behaviour

This setting determines what happens when a file already exists with the same name and number as the one being renamed. It's main function is to ensure that you don't have to keep track of the numbers you've used already but have the program intelligently determine what the number should be.

For example, imagine that a few days ago you uploaded some photos onto your PC and used File Renamer to change their names to Lakeland Landscapes 001 - 010. Today you've uploaded a dozen more and want to rename them to Lakeland Landscapes too. You don't want to have to look up the previous pictures so you can determine what the next available number is so you just let the software do it for you. By setting Duplicate Name Behaviour to Next available you can leave the Next option set to 1 and the program will look through the files already named Lakeland Landscapes and find the next unused number and set that as the ordinal for the file rename process. So in this example the newly uploaded files would be renamed Lakeland Landscapes 011 - 022.

The difference between Next available and Find highest free number is this:

With Next available any gaps in the numbered list will be filled in. So if you deleted Lakeland Landscapes 004 prior to renaming the new set, the first file in the list would use the number 4 and the second the number 11.

With Find highest free number the program will recognise that you already have files named Lakeland Landscapes and will find the highest number used so far and start numbering from there.

Move to new directory

If you check the box then the renamed file will be moved from it's current location to the directory specified. The program remembers the last ten directories used so you can quickly reselect one you've used before.


As this is freeware and a pretty simple program I do not offer any support.

Steve Murphy's File Renamer is released as freeware. I retain copyright and IPR. Feel free to pass the program on to whomever you wish with the simple proviso that you do not charge for it.

The software is provided without warranty on an as-is basis. It has been tested only on Windows XP and NT platforms but should work OK on Vista.

Renamer was written using Microsoft Visual Basic V6. When you install it, the necessary VB runtime files will be copied to your hard disk.

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